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2-Compartment Sink w/ Large 1" Drain  
Sneeze Guard w/ Stainless Steel Shelf Above  
Stainless Steel Push Bar  

Hot Dog Boiler & Steam Hot Food Table
          - Removable for easy clean & access to burners


Full AGA Safety Pilots & Infinite Adjustable Propane Gas Heat
           - One Burner for steam hot food table & one burner for hot dog boiler
           - Both Burners are heavy duty high BTU solid steel and have constant               pilots        


Insulated Pop Cooler - All Stainless Steel
          - Stainless steel lid & drain

Stainless Steel Garbage Can  
Large Storage Compartment - All Stainless Steel
          - Stainless door & springlatch
5 Gallon Water Tank  

2" Ball Hitch w/ Saftey Chains

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4-Compartment Sink w/ Large 1" Drain
           - Splash guard between the 3-compartment sink & hand sink.

Napkin Dispenser  
Paper Towel Dispenser